Musicquiz Vol. 3: 1996


I can’t remember how I discovered today’s Mystery Band, but when I dropped their debut cd in my player, it was like a giant overstuffed pillow had smacked me from behind. It might have been a listening station at Morninglory music in Santa Barbara, but then I might have heard it at a coffee house. I dunno. But they have a slow, smoky, speakeasy style drenched in breathy vocals and spare bluesy guitars the likes of which I haven’t heard since. They’ve released stuff since, though they’re hardly prolific, and while the newer albums have been good, they haven’t quite matched this one for sheer sexiness.

      name that tune

As usual, check back after 10 o’clock tonight for the answer. (And no, it’s not Curve, though looking at the picture, there are obvious similarities.)

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