Music Saves

Okay, the River Tam notebook gets old quick, doesn’t it? It’s been fun reading the Firefly message boards, though–all the debate as to whether it’s fake or real or viral or not. I suppose I should have expected the doubters.

Anyway, before the blood-spatters and the funny cats I posted about how the new(ish) cd by Petra Haden & Bill Frisell helped pull me out of a dark tunnel last week. I had been on the hunt for it down since early summer, when one night I had completely overshoot Van Ness Street on the way to Kirk’s house for Game Night with some fellow Amoebites. By how far do I overshoot it? I’m in the hills of Silverlake. For those of you not familiar with Los Angeles topography, go ahead and imagine San Diego. (I think I just spaced it and was headed for the Van Ness in San Francisco.) I’m listening to The Open Road on KCRW. Gary Calamar drops this tune, Haden and Frisell covering Tom Waits:

I Don’t Wanna Grow Up: RealAudio |


Lauren’s friend Matt is purported to have a sign on his wall that reads “Music Saves.”


And I’d like to draw some clever parallel about how the song helped me find my way twice, once literally and once figuratively, but that would be stretching things a bit. The song helped drag me out of a funk last week, but it didn’t help me back to Van Ness. It just provided a nice backdrop while I found my own way.

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