Anyway, the meeting on Friday with Mosaic Entertainment Group was terrific. The place is on Sunset Boulevard, right at the western end of the Strip. I pulled my rattletrap Honda Accord into the lot and parked it among the gleaming Mercedes and Lexi (a study in contrast that never fails to amuse me) and headed up to the tenth floor. The gorgeous receptionist asked me if I wanted anything to drink. Scotch, I thought, and answered, “No thanks.” The assistant of the exec I was there to meet walked in and told me it would be a few minutes. She told me that she was a fan. She’d read the script and loved it. Nothing like an assistant who “gets it” I tell you. She made the same offer. A drink? I assured her I was alright, but she insisted so I said “water.” “Room temp or chilled?”

I took a room temp Dasani and then took a seat next to the giant Scooby Doo 2 display. I knew this was just going to be a simple, laid-back meeting, but I couldn’t quell the nervousness. Still thinking about that Scotch, which for me is like the liquid equivalent of a butterfly net, I sipped my water and held onto my knee, which was jack-hammering in anticipation.

About ten minutes later, the exec emerged and we absconded to her office for a chat. She was as friendly and relaxed as I could have hoped. For an hour we chatted. I talked up Blood & Dust and the sequels. We talked about the current sorry state of vampire movies today. And we talked about other projects of mine, including the delicate skin, Fever Blue and Strange Angels. I was happy to learn that we had a friend in common. They recently began working with my friend Kerry, whom I met back when we were developing Fever Blue for Andrew Davis. She was his assistant at the time, and she’s been an aspiring sreenwriter since. That helped. It’s like having a bonus professional reference.

We finished off the hour talking about what it’s like spending thirty days in the wilderness (something I do on occasion) and what it’s like to DJ a wedding. My actor friend Mark tells me that’s a good sign. If you finish the business at hand and the execs continue conversation along other lines, that means they like you. I don’t know if that’s true, but it makes sense. We wrapped up the meeting. Before I left, I gave her a folder I’d prepared with various materials to further illustrate the trilogy. Dunno if it’ll do any good, but we’ll see.

So yeah, nothing concrete, but the important thing is that we connected. Mosaic is a good company, and the more people who get to know me the better, right?

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