Two things were sitting on my doorstep when I got home tonight. One was the cd player I bought from this dude on eBay. It’s an exact duplicate of my Panasonic metal disc player–a great machine usually. Well, it’s not an exact duplicate. Mine actually works. This one just gasps a little and then declares “no disc!” It’s one of those eBay situations where the item received is exactly as described, but is worthless. How was it described? “untested.” Oh well. Money down the drain. I’ll just go out to that tree in the courtyard and pick some more.

The other package on my doorstep was a large stack of records from yoshop.com That was a nice development. I ordered records from them a month ago. They never came. I finally wrote them wondering what’s been up. turns out they were moving offices and everything got cocked up. I chetted with someone a couple days ago who not only filled most of the order (some stuff was out of stock) but refunded me the difference for stuff that was out of stock and added a free grab bag of promos as well. Now that’s what I call service.

Thanks guys!

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