minutiae (more)

–Rain falls. Nick Bracegirdle supplies an appropriate noise to accompany. Though the album is a good four years old, this is me, catching up.

–The Elvis Costello in-store is well attended. We avoid the numbers achieved by Rilo Kiley. I hear Nick Harcourt say yesterday morning on MBE that Costello is in their studios that morning, but he makes no mention of the Amoeba appearance. That sort of radio silence keeps us from getting overwhelmed.

–Two women contact me (attractive and interesting friends from long ago) whom I haven’t talked to in a while. Both of them use the word “howdy” in the subject line. I wonder if they happened to both see this picture?

–Today is my Friday. And I can feel it. Last night I’m too tired to stay up past one, but sleep is fitful, and Sara calls me at two. We talk for an hour, then still unable to sleep, I get up and watch an episode of Red Dwarf. Finally, I crash at four. Nine thirty sees me up and making coffee. I’ve got to write, so caffeine is imnperative.

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