Minimalistix – Struggle For Pleasure

MinimalistixSometimes I just want to show you something cool. It’s one of the main reasons I started this blog so long ago. Sometimes I’ll be kicked back in a chair at a coffee house, music on, working on a beat sheet for a script idea when a tune will kick off that is so cool I just want to lean over to the person sitting next to me and hand them the headphones and say, “Hey. Put these on. Listen.” So imagine that this is, indeed, what I’m doing when I post this music stuff. And try not to pick up your stuff and move to a different table. I’m only trying to share.

Minimalistix grew out of founding member Peter Bellaert’s passion for club music. In 2000, he released “Struggle For Pleasure.” Rarely has a progressive house track captured my imagination quite like this one has–indeed, anyone’s for that matter. It shot up the club charts and loitered at the top for some time. I can’t remember where I heard it first. I think it was Dave Seaman’s “Desire” set for Renaissance. But around that same time Jimmy Van M’s Bedrock comp was making the rounds. The track closes out the first disc of that set (which is phenomenal, by the way.) It’s the ideal club track. It’s got a thundering bass line, frayed at the edges by a messy percussion sound and a stuttering echo effect. The pulsing intermittent synths pull the whole thing together. The build is nice, engaging the attention through its subtle variations and leads to that famous, bubbling breakdown. I’ve excerpted it below. For your pleasure.

Happy Sunday. I’m only trying to share.

Minimalistix: official site, discogs page, wikipedia

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