Michael Keefe’s Top Ten of 2005!!

While I’m still putzing around with my own year-end compilation, Portland bookslinger, sonic sage and jack-of-all-tunes , Michael Keefe, has scoured his vast knowledge of music-heavy 2005 and come up with his list of Top Ten Albums from the past year. Check ’em out.

Yeah, I know, I know. You’d think he’d come up with a list greater than just Ten, huh? What with all the reviews he’s been writing all year? Oh, but wait. He has. If you want to explore past the Ten Barrier, check this out. This list goes all the way to a hundred (I agree with his #1 choice, but his #73 and #77 should have been a LOT higher…)

Cheers, Michael! Thanks for the good words all year long. Here’s to a groovy 2006!

And stay tuned for my own Year In Music. Because I re-FUSE to be left out.

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