Luke Chable – Skyline Road

Luke Chable

It’s Sunday again. That means a bit of electronica for the blog. It’s icy cold outside. Snow still carpets the ground. Last night my car did some highly amusing things on black ice. Maybe that’s why today this track (“Skyline Road,” selected almost at random from the library) sounds crystalline and chilly to me. It’s a straight out trance onslaught by Luke Chable. I think I first caught this one a few years back on one of Dave Seaman’s Therapy discs. In fact, come to think of it, it might have been the Luke Chable Mix on one of the Therapy Sessions comps. That would make a certain sense, wouldn’t it?

Anyway, Chable’s an Aussie, which I didn’t know, and he’s quite good at what he does, which I did. Occasionally he produces under the Quest moniker. This track is one of those. It’s an older track (ancient, in clubbing terms) but a DJ Remy mix of the tune has been making the rounds of late. I actually think I prefer the original, with its rapid-fire synth melody and soft, percussive kick beat. And in the exerpt below, I’m particularly fond of of the way the harsh tones drop away and let the cool, smooth lower stuff take over. Nice.

Luke Chable: myspace, youtube (the entire track with goofy visuals)

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