life savers

Now there’s something you don’t see too often: an empty street in front of the Cinerama Dome.

Today is a blur. Hundreds upon hundreds of new movies, not enough people to drop them into shelves, phones ringing off the hook (“Mezzanine, lines 2,4 AND 7 are for you…”) and through it all this damned ringing in my ear. The pressure has subsided somewhat, I’m pleased to say.

Oh, and there’s an attempted bank robbery just down the street. The entire city block is cordoned off. Someone wearing a cluster of explosives, possibly fake, walks into the Wells Fargo and attempts to make a withdrawal without filling out a withdrawal slip. On his lunch break, Kirk gets screamed at by a cop when he inadvertenly walks somewhere he’s apparently not supposed to.

“I’m not being a prick,” he shouts at Kirk. “I’m just trying to save your life!”

When it comes time for my own lunch break, they’ve saved as many lives as they’re gonna save tonight so they’re pulling down the police tape. Just before they allow the cars back on Sunset, I snap that picture above. Dunno when I’ll see that again.


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