Late Late Late

I’m posting Michael’s reviews a little later than usual, but that’s entirely my fault. In fact, I’ve been quite absent this week. Part of it’s due to the wedding. Not mine. I didn’t get married. Long time friend, Stephen Stukovsky got married in Lake Tahoe, which sucks because that means driving to a place where the air is cooler and cleaner and drier, and where every day is spent lounging about and having fun, and where sometimes you have no choice but find a street-side cantina and sip a top shelf margarita in full view of the lake. Man, what a drag.

And then Monday I land back in LA with the weight of a Midweek Comedown on my shoulders. The impact drives me a hundred feet underground, where I’m buried so deep I can’t see a thing in front of me. Luckily, I have my spelunking helmet, though I think about leaving it switched off. I’m not sure I can face the surface world. Better to stay curled up here, in the dark, quiet and alone. But I switch it on and begin to climb. It’s only this morning that I emerge, blinking, into the light of day.

More on all this later, I suppose. Although I will say that a good deal of recovery is due in no small part to at last finding a copy of the Petra Haden/Bill Frisell collaboration cd. Man, that’s a life-saver.

Again, more on all this later. I’m going to crawl into bed and read some Chuck Palahniuk. That should lift me right out of the doldrums.

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