L.A. Songs – “This Town”

The Go-Go’s

I really shouldn’t be doing this. I’ve got way too much packing to do. And I’ve still got many people to see before I hit Interstate 40, which, incidentally, was the scene of a major accident yesterday as snow turned the stretch of asphalt into a shuffleboard. But here we are anyway, checking in with another song.

Off of The Go-Go’s 1981 debut full length, Beauty and the Beat is a keen, double-edged tune about Lotus Land. There’s some good, and some bad, just like anyplace. I guess it just depends where your eyes point. Yes, we’re all abut glamour and beauty, but look over there. A discarded human shell, washed up and abandoned on the shore of Hollywood.

This town is our town
It is so glamorous
Bet you’d live here if you could
And be one of us

Change the lines that were said before
We’re all dreamers – we’re all whores
Discarded stars
Like worn out cars
Litter the streets of this town

I can’t wait to get back.

And hey, I think Lotus Land is slipping from usage as a nickname for L.A. These days it seems to mean Vancouver more and more. Anyone know where the story on that? Am I right in remembering that Lotus Land used to be another name for L.A.?

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