LA RECORD: Giant Drag

LA Record is a magazine. No, no,it’s not a magazine, it’s a poster. It’s a magazine! It’s a poster!

It’s a magazine AND it’s a poster.

On one side is the cover art. On the other side, the content. I love their “covers,” each edition taking a local band and re-casting them in the image of a famous album cover. The most recent really caught my eye, not only because I love GIANT DRAG, but because it pulls off a fantastic mimicry of a great album cover (photo by DAN MONICK and art by SARAH TILLMAN and ERIK BRUNETTI.)

Check out other issues of LA RECORD at their site (click the “back” button to page through the issues) or visit their MySpace flat to see them at a glance (and hear a tune by GD.) And if you like…

Giant Drag:

      Kevin Is Gay
(mp3 5meg 224kps)

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  1. We The People - June 29, 2006 at 12:24 pm Reply

    Erik Brunetti is a fag.

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