juggling act

Here’s what I have on my plate:

1) Two treatments: Blood & Mist / Blood & Glass. Theses are on the front burner. People are waiting.

2) Script rewrite: Strange Angels – This has been on the back burner, pending completion of Item 1.

3) Work-related websites: Hollywood Scarefest and Icelanders. The latter is taking some serious time. I’m ripping short films off of DVD into a streamable format. And the niggling details alone are almost overwhelming.

4) Personal sites: counterinavasion.com (aiming for a launch soon); jmt2k.com (I have plenty of work to do there) and this site (still haven’t fixed the damned blog.)

5) Somehow, Item #3 needs to move even more on the front burner, as Boss called me yesterday and said he didn’t think I was doing enough work on the site, which is stupid because the stuff I’m doing you can’t see by visiting.

5) New job: Amoeba is fun but demanding. I worked yesterday 2-11. The same shift is set for today. And I just found out I may have to do the same tomorrow.

7) Old job: Rocket still has me one night a week. That would be Saturday, the day everyone always invites me out to do fun things.

8) This blog: Somehow, I still find time to…

oops. Gotta go.

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