John Cleese; Mark and Victor

Arrived at work today to find Jeff and Ran in a state of giddiness. John Cleese had just dropped in to buy some DVDs. Jeff was a little annoyed when I told him that since I used to live in Santa Barbara, I used to see him all the time. Ran merely shuffled around saying, “John Cleese. I can’t believe it. John Cleese was here…”

Sirry and I worked a busier than usual Wednesday night. Mark never showed up, which worried us. We knew he was supposed to meet with Victor Salva that day for “coffee.” Yeah, so Salva has a reputation. So what? He’s a professional director. he knows what he’s doing. Mark’s going to be perfectly fine. Still, when he didn’t call, we got worried. Maybe he’s been forced to pose for dirty pictures or something.

He finally called in to report that he was, of course, fine. And that he was going out for a drink.

No sign of the stalker tonight.

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