Jesca Hoop – Kismet

Jesca Hoop - Kismet

As I work on getting this blog into shape and I tinker with plug-ins and code and ideas, I keep listening to music. And there’s just too much to talk about these days to keep quiet about it. I can’t wait. So here’s a little something about Ms. Hoop.

I’d been hearing a great deal about Jesca Hoop for the past year or two. I never caught her act, but she cropped up in “Best Local Artist” lists for months, and if you had KCRW on for any length of time on a given day you were likely to hear “Seed Of Wonder.” Finally, her full-length is on shelves, and it seems worth the wait. It’s a complex, spiraling work that immediately calls to mind other recent releases in this vein, such as St. Vincent’s “Marry Me” and Justine Electra’s “Soft Rock.” But she’s got a crystalline quality all her own and within a few hours has managed to dominate my playlist.

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