Japancakes vs. My Bloody Valentine

Japancakes - Loveless

Now here’s something interesting. Multi-member instrumentalist group, Japancakes, has re-done Loveless, the seminal 1991 album by My Bloody Valentine. But don’t call it a re-creation or a re-imagining of the album. It’s quite faithful, and it takes the harder edges of the MBV work and smooths them a bit, calms things down, preserves the melody and structure all the while avoiding the muzak pitfall. A more sincere form of flattery, I can’t imagine. I’ve always been a noise-pop, shoegaze fan (Curve, Chapterhouse, Lilys, Ride) so it’s interesting to see an album of that grouping treated as a classic to be emulated and honored.

Check out my fave tune from the album. Twice.

Japancakes: amazon, allmusic

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