I download invoice software from the Intarweb today and create a fun bill to send Boss. Here’s the email I put together for him. I hope the tone isn’t too harsh…

Hi, Boss!

I sent you an elaborate email yesterday in the hopes that we could establish contact. I’m frankly surprised I haven’t heard back from you. Is everything okay?

At any rate, having discussed the situation from a legal standpoint with a friend, I’ve been told it’s best to issue an official invoice. As you can see, I’ve been forced to tack on the pair of additional charges incurred as a direct result of all of this hullaballoo. It’s not the greatest looking invoice I’ve ever created, but it’ll do for now. Eventually, I hope to get a cool logo on there. And I don’t like the QTY field either. It seems kind of silly to quantify the months like that.

Anyway, I hope everything’s well. Get in touch if you can. I hope to drop by your place sometime this week and catch you there. rent’s due tomorrow and I’m hoping I can avoid that pesky “eviction” thing that landlords like so much.

Take care,


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