hopkin redux

In case anyone’s been wondering, boingboing has picked up on the Hopkin meme. They provide a link to this story, in which a curious journalist explores the source of the msyterious note. It turns out that the author of the note is a sixteen year old boy with autism who has, alas, forgotten all about Hopkin. The photoshopping continues unabated, however. Many more have been added to the end of the collection since I last posted.

I’ve been busy, busy. Amoeba is a blast, as usual. The other job, well… Boss isn’t returning my phone calls. Tomorrow I’ll be shutting his websites down. Unlike last time, I’ll call him and tell him they’re shut down. I’ve got a pretty strong feeling that something’s about to bounce outta Wells Fargo, and all his evasion just costs me more and more money.

Here we go again.

But hell, holidays are here. It’s not a time for worry and stress. I’ll save that for January 2nd. Amoeba’s shutting down early tomorrow, so I’ll be on the road to San Luis Obispo by eight. I’m swinging through Santa Barbara to pick up my friend Sean, who’s gonna hang with us this holiday, and then we’re off to drink wine and chill out.

My god, I hope my writing skills return soon. This is getting pathetic.

On a final note this evening, I spotted this flyer for a band called Silver on the wall at Amoeba. I know nothing about the band, but naturally, my eye was drawn by the image of Elizabeth Short. My own obsession with poor Betty has been well-documented. I’m now curious about the band. If I find out anything cool, I’ll report in.

Black Dahlia Silver

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