I thought it might be cool to obtain the actual domain of Hollywoodland for purposes of hosting this site. I checked using Hostsave (my ISP) knowing full well that it would be taken and they said it’s available! I thought it over for a few hours and then decided to go ahead and do it. But when I tried again, they said it was taken. Strange. I checked using a different domain registration webpage and sure enough, it’s taken. I’m not surprised. On a hunch, I tried it again with Hostsave. This time it came back as being available! Knowing that it must surely be a mistake, I went ahead and registered it with them. So as of now I have an account at Hostsave under the hollywoodland.com banner, but I really don’t think it will work. I expect to get an email from them in the next couple days reporting that the domain is, in fact, taken and would I like to choose something else?

Boring but true. I’ll keep y’all posted. In the meantime, listen to the latest music mix, willya?

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