Happy Birthday

A couple days ago a minor milestone slips past us. This blog, in its current incarnation, turns two. I’d started a blog four years ago, but I abandoned it when I decided to move to Los Angeles. That explains the odd gap in the archives.

The blog hasn’t grown much. But the posts have gotten a little better since this inaugural entry and I have a pretty consistent readership of about a hundred or so inquisitive souls. Tiny, by blog standards, but I’m having fun and its popularity is still growing. This move to WordPress is part of the two-year birthday celebration.

So Happy Birthday, Hollywoodland. And bear with me as links break, layout goes haywire and things change a little around here. The new blog will be slightly more user-friendly. And I think we’ll see a return of Rita Hayworth as the mascot.

I know that’s not Rita Hayworth. But I’m at work right now, so I have to use what’s available. Just pretend that she’s reacting to the news that this blog will soon be searchable.

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