Handicapping the Oscars

Oscar GrouchYou got a last minute Oscar ballot to fill out? Are you minutes away from dashing out the door to attend an Oscar party of the type I used to throw until I just got so tired of the ceremony I just couldn’t take it anymore? Here’s your salvation, Courtesy of Charles Reece over at amoeba.com.

If you don’t read his blog, you should. Charles routinely takes a scalpel to an array of film-related subjects and dissects them very carefully and with a great deal of large words. And then he takes that scalpel and stabs the subject a few more times for good measure, because, well, as long as he’s holding the damned thing he might as well use it.

Here’s an excerpt — his analysis of the Best Supporting Actor category.

Well, Holbrook’s old, so the Academy might give it to him. It ain’t likely they’ll get another chance. But I’m going with prevailing opinion, Bardem. He’s playing a part that’s eccentric enough to say “acting-with-a-capital-A” and Holbrook’s never been big enough to make anyone think he’s been screwed over by not getting an Oscar — in other words, he’s a “tv actor.” Affleck’s still young and his character is so unlikable, yet plausible as a real guy, that it’s probably not clear how much of it’s acting. Hoffman’s already gotten enough attention. Wilkinson devours all surroundings, but his character ain’t as cool as Bardem’s.

Click here to read “Oscar And The Grouch,” his take on tonight’s ceremony, which, in classic Chaz style, is about as misanthropic and cantankerous as we’d expect. And probably right on the money.

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