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Goldfrapp - Seventh TreeMuch has been said on the web about today’s release of Seventh Tree. This site hasn’t exactly been mum on the subject. “Mum” is not our word. In fact, there was a week or so when we considered a name change to The Goldfrapp Channel, but, lucky for me, it was struck down in committee. Most of what I’ve read about the album has been good. “Different,” is what the consensus has been. The reviews pretty much go like, “Whoa. How weird. This is Goldfrapp? Seriously?” There’s a lot of mention of “breath of fresh air” and “change of pace” and “I want to marry Alison Goldfrapp.”

I pretty much concur.

Seventh Tree is to Goldfrapp as Sea Change was to Beck. That make any sense? Their last few albums were gorgeous in their own right, but they growled with a sultry, sexy menace that is largely absent here. Alison and her partner, Will Gregory, have changed things up a bit, brought in atmospheric strings and subtle beats and settled down for a picnic in the park. “Cologne Cerrone Houdini,” which gets my vote as the album’s most delectable track, could have sprung from the same paradise as Beck’s “Paper Tiger.” Another of the album’s many standout tracks is “Happiness,” which comes closer to being a Supernature track than any other. But even this tune, on scrutiny, is a dervish-like blend of pipes and horns that has the duo exploring new territory.

My favorite mini-review of the album, by the way, is here. (Holy Beans, what a writer!)

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  1. Tavis - March 6, 2008 at 1:40 am Reply

    I’ve been hesitant to pick up this album, but with your recommendation perhaps I’ll reconsider. I’ve enjoyed their other albums. I’m also enjoying the Raveonettes– but have you heard the new Miss Kittin and Telepopmusik? Not bad.

  2. Will - March 6, 2008 at 9:08 am Reply

    Hey, Tavis, I didn’t know Telepopmusik had a new album out. I’ll check it out. They can be pretty uneven. And I always dig Miss Kittin.

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