Goldfrapp: “A & E”

Alison Goldfrapp

Besides being one of the most gorgeous women in rock, Alison Goldfrapp also one of its most mesmerizing voices. But it hasn’t all been about her voice. Since Felt Mountain, three albums ago, Goldfrapp has been restlessly exploring new vibes from album to album. From the eerie dreaminess of that debut to the funky dance hall sleaziness of Black Cherry to the cleaned up electroni-cized pop of Supernature there’s been a new vista granted with each outing.

They’ve just dropped a new single to whet our appetite for the February release of the outfit’s fourth album, Seventh Tree. Though an advance single does not an album make, it does sound like we’re again veering yet a new direction. The single is softer, more rolled back, evoking a touch of Goldfrapp nostalgia, reigning in the edgy bounce of the last couple albums. It’s an interesting track, but I need more than just these three and a third minutes to know whether the album itself will keep the glitter train going. We need more.

Another point of anticipation is that Goldfrapp tends to mix very well. There are already a couple decent mixes of this song floating around out there, including a pair by Gui Boratto. But if we get anything near as interesting as the growling, ecstatic “We Are Glitter” remix of “Strict Machine” that cropped up on Sasha’s Fundacion mix a couple years back then it will be a happy occasion indeed.

Goldfrapp: myspace, official site, itunes, “Strict Machine” (We Are Glitter mix) (also iTunes)

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