Time Lapse Chairlift Shot, Santa Fe, NM

I shot this last Wednesday on my last trip up the hill for the day. Roadrunner is my favorite run at Ski Santa Fe, and it happens to be the run that claimed my ACL in 2010, the last year I remember there being any decent snow cover. Here, you can see how badly we still need snow this season. Too many rocks make it near impossible to establish a decent rhythm.

Violet Crown, Santa Fe – Pre-Opening

Violet CrownSpent the day at the new job, which was bustling with activity in every room. Four days till opening, so we’ve got a lot to sort out. This is a view from the rail line end of the bar. The theaters are upstairs and downstairs.

The Seats Are Here


The seats are starting to arrive in the theater. I’ve only been working here for two days, but I’m starting to get this feeling of being home again. I haven’t worked in a movie theater since 1993, when I ran the Granada in Santa Barbara for the summer of The Firm, The Fugitive, The Last Action Hero and Like Water for Chocolate. And this theater promises to be something special. Believe me, I wouldn’t have applied if I didn’t think it could approximate the awesomeness of, say, the Arclight. Santa Fe has some good independent theaters. The mainstream venues, however, are garbage. Regal has sold its soul to the advertising devil. In almost every case, I’d rather wait to see the mainstream stuff on Netflix or Vudu than wade through the garbage they heap upon you before every show. Violet Crown seems to get this. I’ll be curious to see how it plays out.

Violet Crown VIP Party – George R. R. Martin

Thursday Night, April 30, 2015, Violet Crown Cinema opens to a select group of invited party folks. Included among the many speakers is the big man himself, who owns the Jean Cocteau theater just down the street, a marvelous cinema showcase in its own right. As Steve and I are pulling pints of lager to hand to party attendees, Steve says, “He must have a case of theater envy.” Then the first thing Martin says as he takes the microphone is “I think I have a case of theater envy.” Steve is pretty proud of himself.

Talking Heads – Life During Wartime

DJ Yon dropped this track at the Violet Crown VIP party the other night, and as soon as I had a chance I pestered him for a track ID. I misidentified it as “Burning Down the House,” and then he corrected me with “Life During Wartime.” Of course we both got it wrong, but settled eventually on “Once in a Lifetime.” It’s a smooth edit, with a terrific use of that rolling bass line.

And appropriate, in a way, since my strongest association of the song goes way back to the days at Movies Twin when Down and Out in Beverly Hills was released. This song played over the end credits, so after every show, I’d crank the monitor in the projection booth. It’s more than 25 years later now. The song still rules.