Formula For Blog Fame

This was written by my brother, Keir, in the comments to yesterday’s post.

The gauntlet is thrown! Its now an all out competition to see who can get more written about themselves in William’s blog… hmm, there has to be a formula here…
Perhaps this:

Blog Exposure is a function of several variables so

B(t, u, v, w, k)= 5t+4u+2v+w-2k


t = amoeba employment

u = one’s relative obscurity

v = femaleness

w = celebrity

k = 1 if your name is Keir, 0 if not

So to raise my ‘B’ score I need to get a job at amoeba, become obscure, act less male, get known by others and change my name. No problem.

BTW, this is a joke Will

…but true enough to be very funny.

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