Extreme Cartooning

Yesterday’s attack on Charlie Hebdo was horrible. I don’t understand the mindset of religious extremism, especially the kind that is so sensitive to satire and criticism that it lashes out at innocent people. And yes, they were innocent. No drawing ever took someone’s life. If everyone sought to settle differences with pencils and words, the brain-dead and humorless would be doomed.

And speaking of he brain-dead and humorless, I expect the backlash against ordinary, peaceful, rational Islamists will be as misguided and idiotic as always. I can’t help but think once again of this cartoon by Matt Inman.

“Are you so dangerously extremist that even a silly web cartoonist can’t draw a picture of your prophet without fearing for his life?”

Then you suck at your religion.

Adams - Charlie Hebdo
The Telegraph’s Adams joined tributes by cartoonists to those who were killed in the attack on Charlie Hebdo

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