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It seems I’m back and running strong. The transfer from Hostsave to iPowerWeb turns out to be weirder and takes longer than I expect. Entries from way back in February surface under an old template. I get a call from a friend wondering why I’m depressed. Then for a while FTP routs to the old server while my browser was points to the new. I also find myself trying to update old registrar information, which has me listed as still living in Santa Barbara, reciving email at an old address and going by the name, “Elephant, Dreaming.”

Before you go spewing coffee all over that expensive monitor, there’s a reason for that. Eons ago, when I used to draw my own greeting cards, I used to make up cool, fictious publisher names to write on the back of the cards. Coiled Panther Publications, for example, or Staggering Sloth Designs, maybe. Once I drew something that looked like a reclining “Z” and I thought of Dreaming Elephant Productions. It was probably at this time that I registered sixsquare.com, so as a lark…

Yeah, yeah, you get it now. I’m sure you’re all stifling yawns. The upshot of it all is that someone, somewhere decides that my first name is Dreaming and my last name is Elephant and there it is. I can’t imagine what that would have been like had some clerk needed to place a call to me…

That’s a picture of Karma Caffe, just around the corner from Amoeba Music in Los Angeles. Earlier this week I discover the place on my lunch break. I snap this picture because I think they’ve done a spectacular job decorating the place. The warm sun and cozy colors are conducive to writing, which is what I hope to do there during my off-Amoeba hours. But just across the street from this place is another coffee house I discovered the day before. The atmosphere is a litte more austere, a little more open and bright. The people who work there are incredibly nice. I like them even better than the people who work across the street. So to be fair, I suppose I’ll have to divide my time between the two places.

Neither one of them serves great coffee.

On a final note, I’m listening to Quarterflash sing “Harden My Heart.” I checked out a couple of fat 80’s music comps from Amoeba yesterday in an effort to shore up my collection. I’m DJ-ing Sirry’s party on Saturday and the order for the evening is Eighties.

That’s not to say I won’t sneak a little Deep House in.

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