digweed denies

If moods could be described in terms of the animal kingdom, mine could be described typically as a marsh wren, or perhaps a tree squirrel who’s just discovered a forgotten cache of nuts. Sometimes, I’d liken it to a tufted titmouse.

Today my mood is more like a rampaging bull elephant on whose back rides a pissed-off baboon whose had just about enough of this traffic. I don’t think I can explain why. And if someone were to wheedle an explanation out of me I’ve no doubt they’d kick themselves later for not minding his own business.

I’ll tell you what isn’t responsible for my mood: John Digweed had to cancel his in-store appearance tomorrow. That does cheese me off a little, because Diggers is a fave of mine. Apparently he’s sick and couldn’t catch an early enough flight to make the date. I’m assuming he’s still spinning at the Mayan on Wednesday, but I should find out before scooting down there after work.

A lot of other people are gonna be cheesed off as well, but I don’t think it’ll be too bad. There’s only room enough for one rampaging elephant in my day. By tomorrow, I’m hoping the timouse will be back.

And a titmouse is actually a bird, by the way.

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