I just got home from my last Thursday at Rocket. Nothing interesting to report there, except that Mark bailed on me tonight to begin a new acting class, so Mike worked instead. Mike’s been working there since I started, but I’ve never actually worked a shift with him. Not a full one, anyway. How weird is that? I guess it’s fitting to finish off the run that way.

Anyway, I wasn’t going to blog at all, since I’ve got a few emails to write, and I want to work a little more on Blood & Spit (or whatever it’s called now) but this little tidbit can’t wait. John Digweed is headed back to the Mayan Theater. Everyone who knows me must make a serious effort to be in the neighborhood on September 1st. Take the day off if you have to. This is gonna be a good show. Tix are $20. It’ll sell out.

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