denial of service

Some of you may notice that access to my website has been impossible during the past couple of days. Apparently, Hostsave, my internet service provider, has been slammed by a Denial of Service attack. This kind of attack basically devastates the bandwidth capabilities to the victimized server and makes access from the outside next to impossible. There were a couple times when my website surfaced for air, but then it quickly sank again. Not until tonight have I been able to reach it and download the forty messages on my email server, thirty-four of which were junk, three of which were incarnations of the Netsky.P@mm virus (that thing’s still being tossed about?) and one of which was from my manager giving me some advice on the Blood & Glass treatment. All seems to be headed back to normality at Hostsave, but I’m picking up and moving it over to Same price. Vastly better service. So things might be a little wonky here over the next few days sorry about that. And you other two people who wrote me…I’ll get back to you soon.

Oh, and Cristy…the pics are coming soon, I promise! And Vic and Steve, I owe you guys conversations as well.

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