dateline: amoeba

Dave dyed his hair a couple weeks back. It’s now bright red. Tonight a guy comes up to the counter and asks for a movie. Before Dave can respond the guy says, “I like your hair. Very cool.”

Dave says, “Thanks. Yours looks like Eraserhead.”

…and it really does.

Also, there’s a gorgeous blonde who shops the mezzanine regularly. But there’s something not quite right about her. I ask Kyle, “Male or female?” and it’s a tough question to answer. I help her find a copy of Citizen Kane. Her voice gives it away. Male. But she’s so convincingly female, and so clearly wants to be considered such that I report back, “Female.”

And I take a break long enough to slip into a seat in front of the break room computer. Email check. to my surprise, Boss has finally written me back. Here’s the text of his message:

Sorry. I guess we have both been busy. I am going to Europe in 10 days and will be back on january 15. I need your address so I can send the check for Oct 15 to Nov. 15. There will be no work until I come back, but then we should be able to go back to our former routine if you are interested. I don’t know what you have been up to so fill me in by email. I am reviewing the entire Scarefest scenario over the holidays. I am hoping, of course, that there will be a real basis for it, but don’t know yet. If you have suggestions send them to me. I am having my secretary review the entire field of short films and festivals on the web and that should be ready in about 2 weeks.

He just doesn’t get it.

Yes, he’s paying me for the last month. But if you have read that post from a few days ago, you’ll remember that I didn’t give him an option to NOT pay me for this month and the next. We’re past options now. If he wants his websites, it’s going to be busuness as usual until February 16th. And then we’re through.

I’ll respond tomorrow, AFTER I call my landlord and tell him my rent’s gonna be a little late. The weird thing is, now that I’ve heard from him, I’m actually a little depressed. Yesterday, when it had been weeks and when there was no telling what was going to happen next I was excited, almost thrilled at how absurd this was all getting. Now I’ve got a conflict. Now I’ve got a problem. Now it’s just tedium.

After work tonight I have a couple beers with Dave and Eric at The Cat & Fiddle. Courtney is there. Courtney is beautiful. We talk about theology. We talk about the Middle East, about which Eric knows a surprising amount. And then I walk home. Junkie XL keeps me company down Sunset to Cherokee, to Delongpre, to Highland, to Franklin to La Brea and then to Martel.

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