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What follows is the beginning of a sort of side-project associated with sixsquare.com . It’s a journal I kept during the period from Spring to Fall of 1994 while I was working as a Production Assistant for director Andrew Davis’s company, Chicago Pacific Entertainment. I had already been working there for a few months but I found I was doing far more than I could comfortably keep track of in my head. So I began this journal. It wasn’t supposed to be an amusing read, but time and distance has rendered the madness and the boredom something close to hilarious. And strangely romantic, too, which is very strange. Give it time. Many more installments to follow.

CPE Journal Part 1 ::: Thursday, Feb 24, 1994

Petty cash is very short for some reason and I’m having difficulty remembering what I bought or who I threw money at in the past couple weeks. That’s a good enough reason to invest in this little journal.

Anyway, I found the receipt ($104) from Smart & Final. But the moral of the story still holds…

Long run at the end of the day included looking at mailboxes, looking at mailbox stands, looking at motion sensor lights, looking at people driving by while I filled up my gas tank, etc. Picked up random office supplies at Office Mart. The guy with the hare lip was pretty offended by my presence. He did not want to help me, I guess. I had ten reams of paper to take to my car so he graciously said, “You can take that out in a couple of trips if you want to.”

“Thank you. Thank you so much for that incredibly kind offer.”

The girl at the front counter said goodbye to me three times.

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