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More from the CPE Journal, just to fill up space. I’ve been busy writing again. Characters are begining to take shape. IN a week or so, they’ll be able to stand up on shaky legs and begin to move about on their own, presumably in search of a story…

:: CPE Journal Part 6 ::
Monday, May 2 1994

Still no music. Today I operate on some strange, mystical power that defies a lack of sleep. I’ve made three trips up the hill: one early-morning one to bring up pages from Lee & Jeanne, one for a lunch delivery from El Pollo Norte�o, and one other one to deliver supplies–and I’ll probably have to go up again later. Susan called about All-Girl productions while I played with Mary’s useless but fun fractal software. It really sounds like a porn outfit. Cristy’s at a doctor’s appointment. She should be back soon.

Ho hum…

The film seems to be in what Fred Caruso calls, “a holding pattern,” awaiting Terry Khan’s draft and then Tommy Lee Jones’ approval/refusal.

Wednesday, May 4 1994

Cristy is sick today. I’ve got a strange condition that feels like all my energy is preparing to draw back, like water retreating from a beach before a terrific wave. Only I don’t know if that wave is coming. I think I just need some sushi.

Two unusual coincidences. Last night: Larry gave me a script to read, Sex and Sunsets, based on the book by Tim Sandlin. I think it’s the same book that Jamy (ex-fiance) was talking about adapting more than a year ago but couldn’t because she was lacking the desire, interest and experience to do so. I’ll have to tell her. She’ll be intrigued.

The second coincidence came moments later when Larry put a videocassette in the VCR. It was Jade of Death by Gilbert Po, an eight minute student film made back around 1990. I had seen this tape before. My friend, Mimi Dawson, an energetic, enterprising (and beautiful) film person came by the San Rafael, 2nd floor four-man suite (my flat) with her friend Gil to ask if they could watch the film on our nice sound system. Somehow, that film traveled a very circuitous route, dropping on doorsteps around Hollywood (if Gil was lucky) circulating through channels of contacts, friends and casual acquaintances until it ended up exactly here.

Strange. Almost as strange as Wanda’s sister living with Germaine Temple in New Mexico.

Finished typing a new set of pictures for Maher (NIN tromping through my brain.)

Punched holes in various treatments, coverage, etc. to be filed for Teresa.

Answered the telephone periodically (Steve Breimer, Billy Blake, Tak Fujimoto, etc.)

I have to pick up Joanne Duncan, the traveling notary, in front of the Art Museum. Seems her car is taking a leave of absence so her “travels” depend on her clients.

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