I doubt if anyone’s noticed, but there’s an invader on this page, just next to the Hollywoodland logo. Clicking it will take you to

So, what is this counterinvasion, you ask? Anyone who’s been following this blog knows that Sara and I have been sharing an obsession with the work of an artist who simply calls himself Space Invader. His simple, attractive mosaics are scattered throughout the world in a sort of “global invasion.” There are 93 known installations in Los Angeles alone. Other invaded cities include New York, London, Lyon and even Perth, on the Western coast of Australia. In his hometown of Paris he’s installed a staggering 590+ invaders.

Our own effort to track these suckers down began as a lark, but quickly turned into an obsession. Rather than clog this space (or my Buzznet pages, for that matter) with pics and commentary of all our sightings, I’ve decided to assemble a new website dedicated to the effort. There’s nothing there but a coming soon message now, but keep checking back. Soon, you’ll be able to follow along as we track each of these guys down…

Invader #2: in front of Rocket Video,

where it all began.

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