Day Three started out with a couple beers. The seven dollar variety. Then it was off to see The Feeling, but I don’t have any video of that, so let’s check out The Coup. Boots Riley is wearing a long-sleeved, black shirt and long, dark jeans. You can see the sweat drenching his body. An excellent set.

This is just me, panning the camera around the pitch so you can see what it was like to sprawl on the grass within earshot of The Roots. And yeah, that’s me & Michael. We’re chillin’.

Here’s a short clip of the Willie Nelson vibe. Love the shouts of the people around me. The man has charisma to spare.

After Willie Nelson I decided to immerse myself in country music’s polar opposite. I spent the next couple hours my beloved Sahara tent with Mr. van Dyk

Finally, exhausted from all that jumping around, I crashed by the Cubatron for a while. It’s a circular array of lights, solar powered, that can be programmed to display a dazzling series of patterns. Completely hypnotic. The noise you hear in the background is a mixture of The Happy Mondays, Ratatat, The Teddy Bears, Damien Rice and Manu Chao.

That’s it for this year. Stay tuned for Coachella ’08.

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