Coachella Crunch: Midnight Juggernauts

Coachella’s coming. As usual, I feel unprepared. No matter how many of these acts I know, there are always a huge handful of bands I’ve hear nothing about. So as Friday draws close, I’m hurrying to discover as many of them as I can. Because, you know, the better to organize my schedule before hand. Forget that pre-planning is a waste of time; I want to have a solid schedule of who I want to see so I have something to jettison when I get there.

Anyway, first on the list this week is Australia’s Midnight Juggernauts. Their official website references Air and ELO in its breathless bio on the group. And you know what? That’s about accurate. I’ve spun the debut album three or four times now and it’s got that danceable spacey quality that ELO was so good at, with sparkly, space-age synths and a nifty 124 bpm dance groove. Check out “Tombstone” to see what I mean.

on the web: official site, ‘shadows’ video

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