Some more videos for your pleasure:

The Frames are my first show of the day. The review at of their most recent album, Cost, is what made me want to catch their show. Their a bunch of congenial lads from Ireland who put on a terrific show. This is just a bit from the tail end of a sing-a-long they managed to pull together:

The Decemberists prove to be the highlight of my day. In this longer clip, Colin Meloy, head Decemberist, manipulates the crowd during “Perfect Crime.” Get your hands in the air. Wave back and forth. Now let’s have a dance contest. Yee-haaw!

Ozomatli are as fun as ever. I only caught the last portion of their show, but the ending is typical Ozo. Several members climb over the barricade, toting their instruments, push their way to the center of the tent and launch into an impromptu jam session. This short clip captures the energy and general panedemonium of the moment.

More soon. Including a clip of that fantastic lighted Cubatron.

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