Cinematic Titanic

Cinematic Titanic

About a year and a half ago I ditched most of my possessions. I was always a collector. I had a thousand DVDs. I had a thousand CDs. I had hundreds of comic books and hundreds of original movie posters. Scores of books. I got rid of them all. But the one thing I couldn’t bear to ditch were my MST3K tapes. I can’t tell you how much love I have for Joel, Mike and the Bots. That make me a geek? Well, yes, I suppose it does, and it’s a proud geek I make. Many, many episodes of the show are now available on DVD, but not enough to risk tossing the collection. There are too many rarities to be had there. I can’t give ’em up.

Imagine my joy when I discovered some months ago that Mike Nelson, the show’s head writer and, after Joel Hodgson’s departure, its host, kicked off RiffTrax. We always knew that modern cinema deserved the MST3K treatment, but of course we also knew that no was about to admit his or her film would benefit from an MST3Kommentary. RiffTrax solved that. You download an mp3 commentary tracks written and performed by Mike and guests and queue up to the beginning of the movie to be roasted. Hilarity ensues.

Now imagine my ecstasy upon learning that Joel Hodgson, the show’s creator, is turning back to what made him famous. He’s assembled most (not all) of the original cast and kicked off Cinematic Titanic. The concept? Much the same, but without the Satellite of Love and (sadly) Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo. The inaugural episode, in which they harpoon a film called The Oozing Skull, is now available. As is the trailer (both on their website and at YouTube.)

Click here to buy the disc.

Hilarity awaits.

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  1. Joel Hodgson - January 16, 2008 at 9:33 pm Reply

    Download our first episode now on BitTorrent:

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