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A couple weeks ago I assist a customer with a vinyl purhase. He’s curious about the soundtrack for Andromeda Strain that’s on one of the columns up on the Mezzanine. Some pricer or other has written on the outer sleeve, “This is the best one we’ve seen!” The backing is silver. Six thin cardboard flaps fold together in an iris valve pattern that, when opened, reveal a hexagonal slab of vinyl. The customer, a polite, graceful chap with the hint of a British accent, shares my enthusiasm for the coolness of this record. It bears a price tag of $100. (click here for a page at Film Score Monthly that contains an interesting look at the disc’s creation.) The customer declares, “I think I’m going to have to get it.” So I carefully refold the iris valve, slip it back into its sleeve and ask him his name so I can put it on hold for him. “Amon Tobin.” Man, do I want to gush something appreciative and overbearing, but I nod and say, “Yeah, yeah, I know how to spell it.”

And then later that evening I notice Corey Feldman flipping through the Smut section.

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