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I’m in West Sacramento, hanging out at my brother’s house. Procrastination is underway. I’ve sat down to do a little work. Instead, I’m posting. But it’s high time I did so anwyay.

So here’s the tracklist for my contribution to Amoeba’s CD club. Eleven of us formed the club a few months ago. The idea is that every two weeks, one of us puts together a mix disc of stuff we like, stuff we’re listening to, stuff we want to share and then we make copies for everyone else. Of course, feeling like the musical idiot of the group, I agonize for days over my tracklist. Then I finally say, “to hell with it” and throw this together. More important to me than the content is the overall flow of the disc and the actual mixing (which I accomplish using SoundForge 6.0.) Check it:

1. Intro – Daniel Johnston – Speeding Motorcycle (excerpt)

2. Carl Stalling – Orchestra Gag

3. Alberto Iglesias – Otra Vez Huyendo Y Sin Despedirme

4. Lujon – Henry Mancini

5. Hotel Specific – Mick Harvey

6. So Here We Are – Bloc Party

7. The Slider – T Rex

8. Out Of Line – The Bravery

9. Technova (La Em Copacabana) – Towa Tei

10. Useless (from the Erin Brockovich ST) – Thomas Newman

11. Kangaroo SFX – Carl Stalling

12. The Things That You Say That You Do – Dressy Bessy

13. Baby C’Mon – Stephen Malkmus

14. At Her Open Door – Dead Meadow

15. Never Trust A Monkey – Space Ghost (featuring Brak)

16. Zurif Mousa – Muslimgauze

17. The Tree Of Rhythm – Taufiq Qureshi

18. Team9 vs. Giorgio Moroder vs. NIN – Flashdance Love Theme vs. The Hand That Feeds

19. Scat Sandwich – Space Ghost, Brak and Zorak

20. Barnaby, Hardly Working – Yo La Tengo

21. Going Down Slow – Spiritualized

22. Todo Sobre Mi Madre – Alberto Iglesias

23. Speeding Motorcycle – Yo La Tengo w/ Daniel Johnston

Some of the cuts I’ve only heard once when I consider them for the mix. Some of them are old standbys. Some I pulled from vinyl. Some I plucked from the Web (#13, #14, #18…) I’m happy with it. And if you send me an email and express fawning interest, I might consider sending you a copy.

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