Subtitle Blitz #04: Speed

People often criticize the plausibility of action movies, shaking their heads in disbelief as, for example, Geena Davis and Sam Jackson sprint down a hallway to outrun a grenade blast. Poor people. They just don’t know. It’s all real, folks. Take the bus jump sequence from Speed. A bus, rigged with a bomb, has to […]

Before I Wake

Mike Flanagan is one of the most interesting directors in this excellent new wave of horror we’re going through. The premise of this one is an ingenious twist on the Nightmare on Elm Street hook–the dreamer alone is not only threatened, so are people in the waking world around him.

The Seats Are Here

  The seats are starting to arrive in the theater. I’ve only been working here for two days, but I’m starting to get this feeling of being home again. I haven’t worked in a movie theater since 1993, when I ran the Granada in Santa Barbara for the summer of The Firm, The Fugitive, The […]