Eating in Los Angeles

Cat & Fiddle: We crossed two different worlds – some of the Amoeba crew and some of the Technicolor crew gathered for drinks, food and conversation in that dark and glittering courtyard just off of Sunset Boulevard. Most of us ordered food. We traded tales of thievery, insanity, artistry, drudgery and depravity for three hours. […]

Mile 730: Barstow, CA

The stretch between Flagstaff and Barstow only had about three hours of Radiolab. There was a nice stretch, early on, where I listened to that new album by the Sigur Ros guy, Jonsi. But my mind began wandering places where it wasn’t allowed, so I switched back to the talking stuff. There were two or […]

Change of Plan

As usual, things don’t always turn out as you plan. I’m back from the Sierra Nevada a couple days early. The plan was to dive into the Sierra over Lamarck Col. Then head out of Darwin Canyon, up the vast granite bowl of the Evolution Basin, over Muir Pass, down LeConte Canyon, up to Dusy […]