Dry William

Jane Espenson reminds me in a recent post about illustrator and cartoonist Scott Bateman. he publishes these curious, oddly-captioned panels that, while peculiar, never fail to elicit a chuckle. I visit his site for the first time in a while this morning. Check it out. It’s a “Dry William,” courtesy of comedian Bobby Tisdale. Link […]

Line Rider

Taking a break from the Nightmares today. If you’re bored, check this out. I’ve been obsessed with this flash toy for more than a week now. Hours of time-wastage. A completely addicting art project that someone cooked up and posted over at deviantart.com. Play at your own risk. Line Rider Line Rider videos at You […]

Without A Parachute

Bookmark this link on your Blackberry. Okay, now if you’re ever swept out of an explosively decompressing airliner at 35,000 feet, you’ll have plenty of time to research how to survive the fall. … You know it occurs to me now that we’re always talking about “surviving the fall” when we talk about those times […]

Fun With Ebay

Speaking of eBay, which I sorta did a couple posts ago, I’m at work on Friday, checking my email in between attempts to tweak some actor headshots for use on the Argentum website, when I get a cluster of emails. “Congratulations,” they tell me, “you have successfully listed you item for bid on eBay!” Say […]

Cobalt Kitty

A few weeks ago I wrote about finding a name for my new web design venture. Cobalt Kitty, you might remember, is the name we came up with. So I then set about looking for an image or a logo, a mascot for the site. I searched the web looking for white cats. there are […]