Eating in Los Angeles

Cat & Fiddle: We crossed two different worlds – some of the Amoeba crew and some of the Technicolor crew gathered for drinks, food and conversation in that dark and glittering courtyard just off of Sunset Boulevard. Most of us ordered food. We traded tales of thievery, insanity, artistry, drudgery and depravity for three hours. […]

Waiting for Beckham

Say hello to David, Hollywood. For the past couple days, there hasn’t been a radio program on KCRW and KPCC that hasn’t managed to work in a segment about the impending arrival of wonder kids, David and Victoria Beckham, except maybe Good Food, but then I haven’t heard the latest edition yet. What does this […]

Tattered Plastic

I swear I don’t know what my interest in this thing is. If I keep posting about it I’ll have to create a new category. Sunset. And. Vine. I see this everyday as I walk to my car. It’s like watching a flip book unfold in slow motion. The renovation of an icon. Or something. […]

Joy! Noel! Ding! Dong!

Christmas is here. It’s hard to tell, here in Hollywood, except the sparkly illuminated stars stretch down Santa Monica Boulevard from La Brea to Doheny. I love those. They always seem to magically appear one night, like presents under a tree. One day, it’s just plain ol’ Santa Monica Boulevard, the next it’s the Avenue […]

Sunset & Vine

I’d like to know what’s up with the white plastic. I mean, I know what’s going on at Sunset & Vine in the old “Earthquake” building, but why the white plastic? Is that to keep the dust from demolition from spreading across the intersection like so much asbestos fallout? It’s interesting. In an effort to […]