Gary Gygax, R.I.P.

Bill Buckley, Jr died the other day. My Dad, always a staunch Republican, took it rather hard. I only bring it up because a few days later Gary Gygax followed. He was my own, personal Bill Buckley. Always a staunch dreamer, I’m taking it rather hard. In 1979 a friend of the family dropped by […]

RIP Heath Ledger. Let’s eat.

So, Heath Ledger is dead. That just sucks. I mean I wasn’t a huge fan, or anything, but he’s a bit young. Sure it was drugs and there’s a part of me that pretty much wants to say, “Idiot,” and move on, but the drug thing can happen to anybody. It does, frequently. But I […]

Robert Altman, R.I.P.

We’ll miss him. Though his career was studded with highs (M*A*S*H, Nashville, The Player) and lows (Pret-a-Porter, Beyond Therapy) he was a force of nature. No one had his touch for ensemble pieces. He was a classic ringmaster, peerless and dedicated to the craft.

Suicide Becomes Murder

I simply must update that story about Adrienne Shelly. Apparently, she complained to a construction noise he was making in a nearby office. He punched her. The punch killed her. He dragged her body back into her office and set her up to look like she’d committed suicide. “I was having a bad day. I […]

Adrienne Shelly, R.I.P.

In the film Trust, Maria, played by Adrienne Shelly, climbs up a low wall, stands straight and lets herself fall backwards. A surprised Martin Donovan catches her. This, she says, is a demonstration of love. Love is a combination of respect, admiration and, above all, trust. The words are Hal Hartley’s, but Shelly owns them. […]