iPod = History

I hung out at Hotel Figueroa on Monday night with some of my fellow Metro-bloggers. I was in no condition to be having any alcohol since my post-Coachella body was like one of those sponges you find abandoned in the desert. But I had some anyway, and it probably cost me my iPod. Wait, no, […]

Dead Letter

I send cd’s to my friends in San Francisco sometimes. I haven’t as much lately, but occasionally a bit of music comes along that they just need to hear, or I’ll throw together one mix or another for fun and drop it in the nearest mailbox. Only once have the cd’s not made it to […]

Close Enough

After work at Amoeba on Sunday. We walk over to the lot behind Baja Fresh. Kirk is limping. His foot cramped up so badly on the way down from the mezzanine that he had to sit on the stairwell and grab his toes in agony. We reach my car… This is what I get for […]