Police Man

When I get in to work there’s a silver-haired guy standing in the far corner of the Mezzanine. Another guy trains a camera on him as he talks and gesticulates and looks really important. “Who’s the star?” I ask. “Some guy from The Police,” someone says. It’s Steward Copeland, I realize, and I spend the […]

Shopping Tip

While at Amoeba, try not to be too destructive while browsing. It makes things difficult for other shoppers. This is our smut section (yes, we have one of those.) We all stand around and stare for a few minutes, just to absorb the enormity of what had been done here. Luckily, Logan is able to […]

Santa Monica Heat

My Mom’s in town, so expect more photos and less verbiage. Yesterday we spend some time in the humidity and oppression of Summer ’06. First it’s a hike in Temescal Canyon. Then it’s an evening on the Santa Monica Pier where I’m working the Amoeba booth for the Twilight Dance Series. Last night it’s Lyrics […]

Mandala 07.19.06

The night before, I’m up until 3:00 AM, spinning vinyl, tweaking mp3’s, setting the last details of my set in place. And at 8:00 A.M. I roll out of bed and drop the first track onto my turntable. Almost exactly an hour and a half later the last notes of the complete mix die away. […]

Break Time

When it comes time for a break, most of my coworkers at Amoeba step outside and have a smoke. I don’t. In the interest of balance, when I take a break I do cancer research. . . . Sorry it’s been quiet around here. But between the jobs and the writing I’ve had very little […]

Raconteurs @ Amoeba

It’s my day off, but I still drag myself out of bed, hop into my shoes and traipse down Sunset to work. Today is the occasion of a rare morning in-store by none other than Jack White The Raconteurs. I want to see how many people show up. People were calling the store yesterday asking […]