New Page: Fever Blue

I just expanded the page on Fever Blue, which was the first script I sold. Read about it here. Since I’ll probably never have the rights to that one back again, I wrote The Rogue and the Sparrow. The page for that is here, but there’s no info yet. This is an ongoing process.

Honesty in Advertising: Red Lobster

This morning, while browsing Yelp to shake loose some breakfast spot ideas from my memory, I spot this advertisement. I suppose there’s an algorithm that looks for five-star reviews and pairs them up with paying restaurants and slots them above any actually relevant search results. What they haven’t learned to detect, apparently, is sarcasm. I’m […]

Tunesday: Nightmares on Wax

I love driving around urban cities at night. In fact, I even once put together a nuanced compilation of music strictly themed around driving in Los Angeles at night. This tune would have fit right in on that mix. I wish I’d discovered it sooner. I’m late to the party sometimes. In fact, sometimes I’m […]

Hello World Cup

I woke up this morning thinking about the Rubik’s Cube. There are hundreds of cube simulators out there, so you can try and solve one on your PC. I think that defeats the purpose of a Rubik’s Cube. A computer simulation denies you the effect of holding it in your hands, turning it over, inspecting it, wrapping your […]

What’s Next?

Well, I tried. I wanted to see if I could get back into blogging here, but my attention is focused completely somewhere else. Don’t get me wrong. I do want to blog, and I do have stuff to say. But this blog was a product of a Hollywood life; the posts were culled from a […]