I get out of work at 11:15, walk with Jackie and Maryann to the new Amoeba parking quarters on Sunset, take Jackie home and then hop on the 101. I’m headed for Carbon, where Ned Learner (co-Amoebite, Nick Pinto, really) is spinning his usual thread of Hip-Hop and scratch heavy dance vibes tonight. It’s about time. He’s been asking me to drop be for months now. And lately I’ve been spending weeknights at various clubs and bars hanging with DJ friends. And tomorrow is my Saturday, so why not?

The night is cool, the music shudders through three gin & tonics, and when two dumbasses at the bar begin squaring off at 1:30, I tell Nick and Meg that I’m gonna hit the road. Venice to Robertson, to Santa Monica to Vista to Fountain to Martel, listening to the first cut off the Mylo disc over and over and over.

Just a slice of evening for you, since I forgot what I was going to say about kumquats.

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