Man, I’m on fast forward right now. I drag myself out of bed this morning at seven, plop myself in front of the computer and throw some climbing gear on eBay. While I list the various cams, nuts and stoppers I have for sale I’m ripping cd after cd of my collection onto my hard drive (I’m on David Byrne now, having just archived all of my Buffalo Tom and Kate Bush.) Then at ten I’m off to Argentum to tackle the day’s web design. That lasts until two, at which point I hurry up the steet to Amoeba, where I’ll be slinging DVD’s on the mezzanine until eleven.

Tomorrow and Wednesday? Repeat. Somewhere in there I have to find time to work out the beats on the new script for pitching purposes. The only reprieve I see in the near future comes on Thursday night. Maryanne has invited me to “pie night” at House of Pies with some of the other ‘moeba crew.

Mmm. pie.

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